"I was first introduced to Diane Whitmore through a friend of mine, who was hosting a house reading party. Never being to a medium before, I did not know what to expect. Actually, I was not expecting much, but her reading with me was right on. I was in complete amazement. Being quite impressed with Diane, I had a house reading party of my own later on in the year. All of my guests were as equally amazed as I was with their readings with Diane. Days later, my guests were still asking me about her (and when I was going to have her back). Since those two in-person experiences I had with Diane, I've continued my readings with her, except now we have them over the telephone. I was skeptical at first, thinking how can anyone do this over the phone. I was wrong. Her readings are still amazing me. In the past, I've had readings with others who claim to have such a gift, but never have I experienced readings like the ones I have with Diane. She is the real deal."
Carol Ann
Robbinsville, NJ
"Diane, thank you so much for coming to my home. Everyone had a good time. Unfortunately for me, I was a little under the weather and wasn't quite with the program. You, on the other hand, had a wonderful quality of presence that I really appreciated. Of the feedback I've gotten from my guests, I'm hearing that people are sleeping better, dreaming more, having a lot of peace, and are happier since your readings. That's awesome!"
Bethlehem, PA
"Diane, with the spiritual gifts she possesses, has brought through for me people and items from the past, which I indeed connected with during my reading. She has guided and taught students in her workshops the lessons of awareness, which anyone can connect with and create for themselves all that the Universe has to offer."
Sugarloaf, PA
"Diane, I want to provide you with people's feedback from the home party you did for me:"
* "She is amazing!"
* "I am amazed at how 'on' she was!"
* "When can we do this again?"
* "Wow, how comforting and enlightening."
"Overall, everyone was pleased with the gift you share. Thank you for being you! I, as well as many of my guests, plan on seeing you again."
Kempton, PA
"Diane, my daughter, Amy, had a reading with you this evening. She is 22 years old, and was VERY close with my father, who passed away in 2000. She misses him terribly, and when she had the chance to see you today, she asked you if you could possibly contact her " PAPA". When your meeting was over, she was crying and so visibly moved from the experience. She said that her grandfather had indeed come through, and the things that she told me that you were able to relay from my father to her were nothing more than unbelievable. EVERYTHING was spot on. I truly believe that my father and my daughter had another "conversation" together after all this time. I am so grateful to you, and just wanted to say "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart for helping my father come through today, not just for my daughter, but for my family. We are so relieved that he is happy, and still able to see, hear and feel all of us. I cannot thank you enough."
Weatherly, PA
“Diane, during my reading you mentioned that there would be changes in my job, which I wasn’t satisfied with, including the hours, and policies. A week after the reading, I asked God and my angels to guide me, and I needed a straight up answer as to what to do. That afternoon, a former boss called me and asked if I would be interested in a position with the company he works for. The hours, pay, and policies—and the fact he really wants me to work there is significant for me. Thanks once again—and you are amazing!”
Bushkill, PA

"Hi Diane,
I cannot thank you enough for my reading yesterday. It was a great comfort to me when you spoke about my father who passed away in 2003. I have waited many years for the opportunity and have searched high and low for someone with your incredible gifts. I am looking forward to working on the affirmations you presented me with to help shift the energy surrounding me. I have shared the experience with many of my loved ones and I think they will be calling you too. I look forward to speaking with you again. Thank you so very much"

Unionville, PA
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