Diane is a spiritual medium and medical intuitive, who uses her clairvoyant; clairaudient; clairsentient, and claircognizant abilities to help people connect with loved ones and animals on the Other Side. She also provides guidance, from angels and spirit guides, for people's current and upcoming situations.
Diane offers in-person readings in the Pocono Mountains, PA area, and phone readings throughout the United States. Her current fees for both types of readings are:
$50/ 1/2 hour
$65/ 45 minutes
$85/ 1 hour
All readings are scheduled by phone, and are by appointment only.
If you wish to schedule a reading, please call Diane at 570-424-0956, between 9:00 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. EST. Phone messages are returned promptly.

When you request a phone reading, you will be asked to send your personal check or money order several days in advance of your reading. This is the only form of payment for phone readings that Diane accepts at this time. On your given appointment date and time, you will call Diane for your reading. Please have a pen and notepad handy, to write down your messages. Tape recording is not permitted.
For in-person readings, only cash payment is accepted.

Diane suggests that you read the following "Guidelines," which helps you understand how her particular process works:

"Reading Process Guidelines"

*Your angels and spirit guides desire to assist you in every area of your life, and they lovingly offer suggestions and advice for improved outcomes, to Diane on your behalf. They never judge you or criticize you.
*Loved ones, including animals, may come through from the Other Side to speak to you. They enjoy sharing memories, and may talk about happy moments they remember over their lifetime, or comment about what is happening in your life now. They do not experience linear time as you do in the physical realm, and so they give Diane insights and knowledge of past, present, and upcoming events-sometimes all at once!
*Your "circle" is anyone you have ever known in your lifetime, so please be open to "hellos" from transitioned family; friends; neighbors, and co-workers, as well.
*Diane may receive names of people connected to you who are still living in this world. If that happens, she will ask her guides why she is hearing about them, then share the information with you.

What can you expect after your reading with Diane? More peace, more joy, more understanding, and more clarity. ENJOY THE JOURNEY!