Diane is available for readings in people's homes in areas of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The reading fee depends upon the distance between Diane's home, and the location of the home party.

Home Party Guidelines:
*Each person receives a private 1/2 hr. reading
* Readings will start at 11:00 a.m.
Following, is the readings schedule:
11:00-11:30 11:35-12:05 12:10-12:40
1:00-1:30 1:35-2:05 2:10-2:40
3:00-3:30 3:35-4:05 4:10-4:40 4:45-5:15
* The minimum number of people required for the home party
depends upon the location. The maximum number of people you can have is 10.
* Ask your guests to visit Diane's website, to read about the
work she does: www.dianewhitmore.net
* Provide a quiet room with a door, a table with 2 chairs & a window (no attic/unfinished basement).
* Do not use air fresheners, scented fragrances, or candles in
the room in which Diane will be reading, because of allergy sensitivities. Smoke is also a problem. Diane is fine with cats and dogs; however, if your dog jumps on people, or constantly barks, please confine it during home party hours.
* Send Diane the final guest list, with each person's first
name and scheduled time, i.e., Donna 11:00-11:30, etc. She must receive this schedule 3 days before your party-either by e-mail, regular mail, or telephone.
DO NOT send your schedule earlier than 3 days before your party.
Important! Please do not invite anyone to your party who had a reading with Diane recently. People must wait at least 3 months before another reading.
NO TAPE RECORDING! NOTE TAKING IS FINE, AND ENCOURAGED. NO BEER, WINE, OR OTHER ALCOHOL IS TO BE SERVED OR DRANK DURING HOME PARTY HOURS. You must be at least 18 years of age to have a reading with Diane. If a person is under 18 year of age, a parental/guardian consent form must be signed.

Diane will answer home party questions through e-mail at: dw2mail@yahoo.com.
If you wish to know the home party reading fee for your area, provide the complete address of the home party location. To book a home party, please
call Diane at 570-424-0956. She schedules all appointments by phone, not through e-mail.

Home Party Testimonials

"The countless home parties I've had with Diane have all been huge successes. The aura in my home becomes brighter, happier and more energized
the second she walks in the door! I especially like that everyone gets a private reading. We all enjoy hearing about each other's readings, and always learn something from each other and especially from Diane. She is a wonderful person, and truly a gentle soul. It has been my honor and privilege to have her in my home many times."

Macungie, PA

"I have known Diane for over 10 years now, and have had numerous home parties with her. Not only has she helped me find comfort and closure knowing that our loved ones on the other side are at peace, and with us at all times, but she has done so for my family and friends. She is accurate, and gives great advice. The gift Diane possesses is truly amazing! I highly
recommend your contacting her for a reading, or home party, so you too can
be astonished by her abilities. Quite frankly, Diane rocks!"

- Missy
Nazareth, PA